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WHY TRANSLATION ALONE WON'T WORK Japan’s mobile gamers are known for their high Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). Based on a recent study , 41% of users worldwide would prefer learn more or to download the first app they see in the ranking, even when actually searching for other apps. Indeed, making your app stand out in a competitive market is highly challenging. With 65% downloads coming directly from the App Store Search , App Store Optimization (ASO) now becomes a critical tool for app discoverability and conversion. Farewell lost user growth and welcome revenue gain! In this article, Septeni Global Experts have rounded up some key points on optimizing your ASO to unleash the app’s full potential.
Localized ASO = Improved CVR Tired of optimizing on User Acquisition campaigns with various media channels using different creatives and targeting, yet facing low Conversion Rate (CVR) and high Cost Per Install (CPI)? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your marketing strategy. After all, that is the storefront for your users and the last step before they click the “Install” button. Since most of the people in Japan are not good at English, your App Store page should be localized in Japanese, and a simple direct translation won’t do the job right either. ASO is a combination of art and science that requires a deep understanding of the local culture and art preferences, in addition to the user journey from ad impressions to the final download. Unlike English, which consists of roman letters, the Japanese language (as illustrated below) consists of kanji, hiragana and katakana, and it has multiple ways of saying the same thing using various language components. For example, a simple search keyword “food delivery” in English would have multiple counterparts in Japanese because people’s language preferences differ based on their generation, gender and cultural background.
Furthermore, even though the Japanese use the same alphabetic numbers as the rest of the world, the spacings between the numbers are different, and they also have a kanji version of the numbers as well. Therefore it is crucial to have the local team analyze the right keywords for your app. In order to maximize the benefits of search optimization, a curated keywords selection should also pair with localized texts and designs to streamline the user experience. 5 TIPS ON ASO LOCALIZATION IN JAPAN #1 AESTHETICS MATTER We explained Japanese preference on ads design in general in this previous article , similar rules will be applicable to ASO as well. In addition to the screenshots and video designs, it is important to comprehend the App Store ranking rules inside out and incorporate the knowledge into composing the app description for improved results. For example, the Japanese prefer reading descriptions with lots of catchy subtitles that naturally divide the content in blocks. This way, it saves them time because they are accustomed to glance over the overall content in bullet points first before reading the details further. Also, the highlighted subtitles give the creator another chance to emphasize keywords and appealing points to increase CVR.
#2 SPEAK YOUR TARGETS' LANGUAGE Localizing the App Store in Japanese is not enough. The screenshots and descriptions should be easily comprehensible to the target audience as well. What is this app used for? What benefit will it provide? How to highlight this throughout the process? As users quickly scroll down their screen, the screenshots, preview video and descriptions for the app need to truly stand out to improve your CVR. Below is a quick example of how you can customize the order and content of the screenshots for best results. Since the first screenshot is the most prominent one, in this case we recommend using video first to target all three tiers of audience to prevent churning. Then follow up with screenshots to target the core and main audience to increase CVR among high quality audiences. Of course, each app has different appealing points and target audiences, and the best practices for such genres in Japan vary as well, so we always endeavor to perform deeper analysis on the overall strategy before jumping into the details.
#3 DON'T FORGET THE ADS! The ASO not only improves CVR for organic downloads, it contributes greatly to paid user acquisition campaigns as well. Before visiting the AppStore, target users would have already clicked certain ads, and if the advertisers can reinforce the appealing points that brought in the target audience in the first place, it will complete their emotional journey and enhance their CVR. For a certain city-building app, we already know from our media consultants that static images featuring the city-building elements tend to have better performance, so with that in mind, we designed the screenshots with the assumption that core users have already clicked those ads and want to learn more. Before the ASO, the previous advertiser used the following screenshot vertically and placed it on the second page. However, we proposed dividing the appealing points of city building into two elements, namely from zero to one (build new), and one to one hundred (upgrade existing), and highlight these in a horizontal format so that the image can take up a larger space of the screen for stronger message delivery. With a combination of improvements in title, preview video, screenshots and description, we were able to increase the CVR by 27%.
#4 LET ASO ACT AS A SPOKESPERSON FOR YOUR BRAND ASO as your storefront reflects the brand identity. With all the bells and whistles available at our disposal for localization, in the end it should also adhere to the advertiser and stakeholders’ brand identity and tone manners for brand consistency and recall. This is especially true for IP titles since the ASO localization needs to adhere to the brand’s global standard. Therefore, understanding the brand’s regulations and design experience accumulated on a practical basis are becoming more important. The most versatile experts will strike a balance between creativity, best market practice and brand prerequisites for a smooth and efficient process.
#5 LOCALIZE WITH BOUNDARIES AppStore has its strict regulations. No matter how great the localization is, if it is against the regulations, one cannot succeed. Don’t spend your time and resources on the ASO only to find out in the end that it will not get approved.

For example, unlike Google Play Store, AppStore requires the actual gameplay screenshots to make it a true reflection of the game itself. This limits the design options, but also presents a test for the designer’s creativity. The designer should take into consideration regulations such as cutoff zones and safe area trimming, so that the new design can convey the right message across devices. We recommend working with the experts to start the project right and avoid unnecessary revisions and setbacks. This sums up the 5 tips that we think are essential when it comes to ASO localization. Hope this will help your ASO localization efforts as well. If you want experts’ advice, please feel free to reach out to us. We have various know-hows in Japan’s culture and language, expertise in advertising design, in addition to knowledge related to keywords, search logic and copyright writing.
If you are interested in localizing your ASO for the Japanese market, feel free to reach out to us at for a free ASO consultation. KOTARO // CREATIVE DIRECTOR Joined Septeni (Now Septeni Global) in 2018. Has previous experience as a TV program director, TV commercial director and designer. As a Creative Director at Septeni Global, Kotaro has been leading creative operations for a variety of campaigns focusing mainly on global gaming clients, leveraging his experience in video creation and graphic design. His area of expertise is creatives that require film production for user acquisition. ABOUT SEPTENI GLOBAL Septeni Global is a global organization that specializes in digital marketing. With end-to-end services, we are committed to providing solutions from strategic planning to creative production that centers on brand awareness and user growth in the digital domain.



Septeni Global’s Expert shares the tips! Awareness promotion is usually associated with TV commercials and OOH billboards, but as digital advertising rapidly evolves, we can now reach out to similar audiences through digital awareness promotions methods. In this article, our expert, Rei Yamamoto, will share some tips on how to set the KPI to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. ■Awareness promotion with digital ads is becoming increasingly important We think that there are two reasons why the demand is on the rise. First, due to the barriers to measuring the effectiveness of user acquisition ads caused by privacy restrictions by iOS14 and others. iOS 14 disables the conversion tracking by default. Although alternative tracking measures are available, many advertisers nevertheless found it difficult to deliver ads to target audiences in an effective way, and many have shifted more budget towards awareness-focused ad delivery. Second, existing popular In-feed, SNS and video platforms now have awareness options and adoption of connected TV is fast in Japan as well. Many may associate linear TV with the older generation and mobile for the younger generation. However, over the past few years, SNS and video media have successfully penetrated the Generation X (born before 1980), and are further expanding their reach. Furthermore , since audience targeting and tracking of ad effectiveness are easier to do with these media compared to linear TV, more and more advertisers are now equipped with tools to secure successful digital awareness campaigns. In addition, with a rapid growth rate, connected TV has already penetrated half of all Japanese households in 2021, and has an especially high adoption rate among younger generations. CONSUMER USAGE OF CTV Source: 1 Source 2: Source:3: With respect to ad delivery, while linear TVs use viewing ratings by age for each program, connected TVs offer more precise targeting, including age, geographic targeting (zip code) and interest targeting (program genre), depending on the streaming service that delivers the ad. ■ What is Digital Awareness Promotion? There are two main advantages of digital awareness promotion over liner TV. First, there are a wide variety of delivery methods which allow you to take advantage of the characteristics of each media. Second, it is possible to measure and evaluate the effectiveness and implement a PDCA cycle if planned well. However, it is sometimes difficult to set comparable indexes to evaluate the contribution to Brand Likeability. ■ How to set KPI to measure effectiveness? There are two major elements in setting KPIs for digital awareness promotions: (i) setting evaluation criteria, and (ii) selecting media and menu. (i) How to set evaluation criteria for digital awareness promotions? Thanks to the reporting and measurement tools on the media dashboards, it is now possible to visualize the effectiveness of awareness promotions, but it’s more important to determine consistent KPIs across platforms when setting evaluation criteria unless there are various KPIs. The table below shows some frequently used KPIs in ad delivery for awareness purposes. Since user behavior and sales points vary by industry and product, each company should determine which KPI is appropriate based on available information. Here are some examples that illustrate how to pick the right KPIs: Example 1: Company A Industry wide, the time spent between consideration and purchase is short, making it difficult to differentiate the product from competitors. We want the consumers to recall our products first. →Choose “First recall” from “Psychological change” Example 2: Company B We want users to consider our products at the consideration phase, when they examine information on their own between consideration and purchase. → Choose “Site visit” from “Behavior modification” ■ Combining online with offline awareness promotion When running a 360 campaign that includes both digital and traditional media (such as TV commercials), we recommend integrating online and offline measurement for consistent performance tracking. By utilizing STADIA, a Dentsu Group’s tool that holds TV viewing logs, wecan link the IDs it holds to allow advertisers to conduct integrated analysis of TV viewing logs, web contact logs and offline purchase data. Furthermore, using the new measurement tools, we can now visualize behavioral change, ad index and reach, and other metrics. With regards to psychological changes, which are usually difficult to quantify, we would recommend measuring it by calculating CPB (Cost Per BrandLift), which refers to the cost per attitude change, using the results of the results of the Brand Lift Survey. There are mainly two ways to carry out the Brand Lift Survey: based on the actual contact logs by the media or through research firms surveys. 1. Actual contact logs Users are divided into two groups: one group will be exposed to the ads and the other will not. After the awareness campaign, the media will distribute questionnaires to measure attitude change toward the brand. *BrandLift Surveys can be conducted on Google, Instagram, Twitter, etc., but availability and requirements vary by media. 2. Research firms like KANTER, Macromill, etc. The method is similar to the above, where viewers are divided into two groups, either with or without prior exposure to the digital awareness ad. The survey is carried out by third party independent research firms. ■ How to select media and menu Now that we have chosen the right KPI to measure campaign performance, let’s start selecting the media and menu to achieve the goal. Generally, when making decisions, we need to take into account two factors: target audience and objective for ad delivery. Target audience Choose media and menu based on media-specific user attributes, types of available targeting, etc. Objectives (KPI) for ad delivery. Select the right media based on the objectives, ad placements, format, etc. and the types of measurement tools that can be implemented. Here is an overview of how to make the decision based on the media menu. [In-feed and SNS menu for awareness] The objectives are mostly reach-based, Brand Lift Survey is usually available, and the audience target varies from platform to platform. Make the selection according to the main target audience and budget. [Video menu for awareness] Objectives can vary and may include reach, engagement, viewing, consideration, etc. Use KPIs (complete views, reach, promotion of understanding, etc.) and creatives (format, seconds) to determine the menu. We believe that digital awareness promotions will become more and more in demand in the near future and we hope this article can guide you along the way! If you would like to learn more about how to do digital awareness promotions in Japan, please email us at REI YAMAMOTO MEDIA PLANNING, MANAGER She joined Septeni Global in April 2018 and has been actively involved in numerous large scale UA and branding campaigns. She is committed to achieving advertisers' goals with her knowledge of media optimization. 2019: Annual Rookie Award 2020: Annual Consultant Award 2021: Annual Company-wide Grand Award 2022: Became the youngest to be promoted to managerial position. ABOUT SEPTENI GLOBAL Septeni Global is a global company specializing in digital marketing. We provide a full range of services from strategic planning and creative production to brand awareness to user growth, mainly in the digital ads, to achieve a one-stop solution to our clients' challenges.



THE ROLE OF AN AGENCY Septeni Global has been building marketing solutions for mobile gaming app companies to succeed in the Japanese market for over 10 years. As an agency business manager of Septeni Global, I am honored to have the opportunity to explain the role and the value of agencies in the Japanese market, while diving into the latest game app market trend in Japan. CHAPTER 1 - JAPANESE GAME APP MARKET According to the latest report, the Japanese game app market has hit a plateau in both spending and download growth. The total population of Japan is small relative to the rest of the world and hence the number of game downloads in Japan is low on a global ranking. However, what is most unique about Japan's mobile game app market is that it ranks second globally after the United States in terms of in-app purchases volume. This means that there is a large number of core users with extremely high literacy in Japan despite a smaller total number of gamers. Also, “mobile game in-app purchase” is strongly rooted in the national gaming culture. In addition, our own data indicates that CPI (cost per install) of the game app in general is gradually increasing every year. In summary, the Japanese market has two main characteristics. CURRENT STATE OF THE JAPANESE GAME MARKET 1) Both the literacy of gamers and their in-app purchase rate is high, but the number of downloads has hit a plateau. 2) CPI (cost per install) is increasing every year, and the advertising unit price is also rising. In other words, Japan's mobile game app user base is saturated and the pie is limited, leading to rise in the advertising unit price as companies compete for the same small number of users. In the midst of this, the number of foreign game apps entering the Japanese market has accelerated in recent years. Below is a list of the top 100 titles in sales in Japan in 2020 based on our own research. 34 titles out of all 100 titles were released by publishers outside of Japan. Septeni Global is helping with most of these company's marketing strategies. And I would like to share what challenges overseas players are facing when entering the Japanese market, and what kind of solutions we are providing to solve those challenges. CHAPTER 2 - CHALLENGES IN THE JAPANESE MARKET While we have been helping overseas clients' business expansion into Japan for over 10 years successfully, one of the biggest challenges our clients always had to overcome was understanding the unique culture of Japan to connect with the local audience. In my opinion, the following three cultural aspects unique to Japan are the key obstacles for overseas clients. 1) Language 2) Creatives 3) Concept of media buying Let's talk about these three aspects.
1) Language Needless to say, the language barrier is still extremely high in Japan. According to the English proficiency index , Japan ranks 78th out of 112 countries in the world, and there are many Japanese who do not understand English. There are also many cultures unique to Japan, and when launching a game app for the Japanese market, it is very important to optimize the language and localize the app with the Japanese culture in mind.
2) Creatives Language and cultural barriers are also critical for success in advertising creatives. Many app publishers outsource the localization of their apps to specialized vendors, whereas the marketing is carried out by the person in charge of marketing in their home country. Advertising creatives that have localized languages ​​and expressions for the Japanese market yields far better results than distributing the creatives created in English for the global market in Japan. 3) Concept of media buying The larger the promotion, the greater the number of media will be used. In Japan, there are many placements where advertisements cannot be secured without going through an ad agency, and TV commercials are the most representative of this practice. Even in digital media, there are some branding menus that are exclusive to agencies. CHAPTER 3 - SEPTENI GLOBAL'S STRUCTURE TO OVERCOME THE BARRIER 1) An organizational structure specialized in marketing support for overseas gaming companies Septeni Global is an organization that specializes in overseas business within the Septeni Group, which has approximately 2,000 employees. This year marks the 10th anniversary, and we have offices around the world. We mainly support marketing activities in Japan for overseas clients, and we have a lot of great track record in marketing support for game apps in particular. 2) Creatives The trends in creative design in English-speaking countries and those in Japan differ greatly. Our company's track record has proven that there is a big difference in CTR and other key metrics when actually distributing advertisements. English UA vs Japanese UA Creatives As part of the Septeni Group, we have led the digital marketing industry at the forefront of digital marketing in Japan for nearly 20 years, and based on our extensive track record, we have a vast database of case studies of effective and efficient creatives. In addition, Septeni Global's creative team has built a team structure that can be optimized for multiple languages, so we produce creatives not only for Japan, but also for South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, etc. We have an organizational structure in place that allows mass production based on our deep understanding of the marketing context. 3) On-Off Integration As mentioned above, the Japanese gaming app market has hit a plateau, and multiple titles are competing with each other on a daily basis for a limited number of users. For this reason, the marketing budgets of each company are increasing year after year, and nowadays, almost every title with great success is making a large investment in TV commercials around grand launch. Thanks to the capital and business alliance with Dentsu Group , Japan's largest comprehensive advertising agency, we are also strong in large-scale promotions including TV commercials and offline events. So far, we have explained the current condition of the Japanese gaming app market and the role of agencies in Japan. There is still a lot of information that cannot be shared here. Also, for the success of our clients, the most important thing for us is to have a firm understanding of them as a partner, and I believe that everything starts from there. If you happen to read this article and have even a little interest in the Japanese market and Septeni Global, please feel free to reach out to us. RYUTA IRISAWA VICE PRESIDENT Ryuta Irisawa has successfully managed many overseas clients, mainly from Greater China, into Japan. He has been in charge of the strategy of many large-scale promotions and has a wide range of experience from branding to user acquisition, mainly in the digital domain. After joining Septeni in 2013, he spearheaded the Social Media advertising management team as a founding member. In 2014, as a consultant, he was instrumental in establishing the advertising management team for supporting Twitter. After joining the global sales team in 2017, he worked as a sales representative for many large-scale clients. In 2018, he received the annual MVP award. ABOUT SEPTENI GLOBAL Septeni Global is a global organization that specializes in digital marketing. With end-to-end services, we are committed to providing solutions from strategic planning to creative production that centers on brand awareness and user growth in the digital domain.


Manga Advertisements that Capture the Japanese Heart

Utilizing manga-style expressions rooted in Japanese culture proves to be highly effective in resonating with Japanese audiences. In recent years, reading manga on smartphones has surged, further enhancing its impact. This article will delve into why manga-style expressions are effective and how to make the most of them for advertising purposes. 【The Importance of Embracing Japanese Culture】 As shown by the results of the survey above, nearly 80% of Japanese people engage with manga in some form, regardless of their reading frequency. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that manga culture has taken root among the Japanese. With manga culture deeply ingrained in the Japanese society, advertisements utilizing manga-style expressions can resonate well with the Japanese audience. By incorporating manga into advertisements, the reach can be expanded to a wider range of users, thus gaining more followers. Furthermore, for Japanese individuals, the inclusion of manga-style expressions can enhance appeal and improve information retention. 【Products that are well-suited for Manga UA (User Acquisition) creative】 Puzzle x Manga Casual x Manga RPG x Manga Tower defense x Manga HAKONIWA x Manga In these game genres, we created 'How to' guides and various ways to play using manga-style expressions, and improvements in effectiveness were observed across all game genres. Additionally, manga creative is effective in the following genres: ・Beauty-related products ・Trading apps such as FX ・Curated media 【Effectiveness of Manga Expressions in Game Advertising - Our Company's Example】 Manga-style expressions can convey information that cannot be fully expressed in text ads or regular static image banners. Even complex messages can be conveyed succinctly and clearly by incorporating storytelling through manga expressions. Additionally, the use of manga expressions in video ads tends to result in higher viewership rates. Manga ads can adapt to various KPIs and target audiences by altering the storyline, allowing for a wide range of applications, including not only awareness campaigns but also acquisition-focused ads. In our company, we have created and operated advertisements using manga, resulting in approximately a 2-fold increase in Conversion Rate (CVR) compared to banners that were previously being used. 〈Royal Match Acquisition Advertisement〉 Average CVR for Video Ads: 1.15% CVR for Manga Ads mentioned above: 2.08% Furthermore, there have been cases where acquisition efficiency improved in a certain entertainment app and where it continuously contributed to the awareness of customers using payment services. ▼Certain entertainment app 【Utilizing Manga Expressions】 When using manga expressions, it's important to keep in mind the following points. ・Be conscious of panel arrangement in manga and create a layout that is easily understood by users. Place impactful panels at the beginning for a strong opening. ・Illustrate things that are difficult to express in words or challenging to capture through photography. Text alone may not convey the difficulty, but adding expressions makes it easier to visualize. ・Organize the information you want to emphasize, and convey it using speech bubbles, composition, and other techniques. Place the actual screen in the center, and have manga characters provide supplementary information. ・Be mindful of creating a storyline with an engaging continuation, and build the composition. By adding ups and downs to the story, create content that remains engaging without becoming monotonous. By paying attention to these points, you can create more effective advertisements using manga-style expressions. However, when creating manga advertisements in-house: ・Securing illustrators for manga creation → Limited availability of personnel proficient in foreign languages for communication. ・Securing Japanese voice actors for video adaptation → Requires searching for voice actor agencies and dealing with processes like NDA agreements. ・Understanding the schedule and cost range for manga production → Manga production cost range: ¥300,000 to ¥1,000,000. Production timeline: 1 to 2 months, plus localization. ・Creating a proposed structure for manga advertisements ・Localizing for the Japanese audience ・Choosing an illustration style that resonates with Japanese preferences Apart from the mentioned points, it's a fact that the production of manga advertisements also involves high barriers. In our company, we have established a partnership with a manga production company of high quality, enabling us to create manga advertisements with a quick turnaround and at a reasonable cost. We offer a workflow that allows for detailed adjustments such as illustration style, and beyond creating manga advertisements, we are capable of providing a wide range of services including turning your company's services into manga, creating mascot characters, and more. 【Summary】 Manga expressions are a culturally ingrained form of communication in Japan, and utilizing them in advertising can help acquire a larger user base. When using manga expressions, it's important to pay attention to key points and create more effective advertisements. Our company boasts a diverse team with members fluent in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, allowing us to provide native support in these languages. With a track record including games, cosmetics, matchmaking, financial products, and more, our experienced staff can offer insights and solutions across a wide range of industries. If you're facing challenges in marketing, please don't hesitate to reach out for a consultation. We're here to provide comprehensive support for your company's marketing needs.



The global digital advertising market in 2022 is valued at over 500 billion, consisting of 63% of the overall expenditure on media ads. If we look at the historical desktop vs mobile trends, it has become clear that mobile advertising has seen a tremendous increase as Millennials and GenZ are born into the digital era. Based on a recent report by IAB, within the rapidly growing mobile advertising market, programmatic advertising revenues continue to grow as well. With an increase of 39%, the programmatic revenue alone is close to $100 billion in 2021. What is so attractive about programmatic buying and how to add programmatic into the media mix in the most effective way? We sat down with Ralph Camus, Senior Manager at Septeni Global, to share some advice. Q1: The programmatic space is very crowded. There are thousands of companies representing millions of ad networks, all saying they can bring good traffic. Identifying the most suitable traffic is liking finding a needle in a haystack. How should I decide? A1: Admittedly, adnetwork and programmatic advertising is sometimes associated negatively with ad fraud and poor user quality. This is a problem the industry as a whole is trying to combat, which Septeni is actively involved as well. My suggestion is to find a reputable business that has a long and good track record, and choose appropriate fraud detection tools to measure the success of the campaign. Setting specific install rejection rules based on past fraudulent traffic would help as well. Q2: Despite the possible risks, why should the advertisers add programmatic buying to their media mix? A2: There are multiple good reasons to involve programmatic inventories, for example, to reach a larger audience at a cheaper CPM on a larger scale. With regards to CPI networks, which is the area that I’m most familiar with, advertisers opted for this because it’s well suited to several key metrics. First of all, the volume. Since the CPI network aggregates large in-app inventory sources, the user base reached is a wide swathe of all mobile users, when connected with the right combination of sources. The cost per install is competitive as well, compared with other named media platforms. Furthermore, as privacy is becoming more important, CPI network traffic is privacy safe in the sense that it does not collect or use personal information or data, unlike other larger platforms. In summary, the biggest benefit for the clients would be the ability to achieve reach and volume goals at scale and with efficiency (price wise). Reasons to utilize CPI network: volume, low CPI, Privacy Q3: With greater opportunities comes greater risks! Then how should advertisers mitigate the risks and have a more effective campaign? A3: I would recommend working with a trusted partner that knows the inside out of the business, is capable of navigating the complications of CPI ad networks and is honest about it at the same time. Since there are multiple layers of media and networks, the right partner should be able to monitor the traffic on a daily basis, and do hands-on management to directly optimize the campaigns so that the KPIs are met. For CPI buying, since the cost is already set so the advertiser does not need to worry about cost fluctuations. However, ad networks are equipped with less feature-rich targeting options, in most of the cases, they can only target Operating Systems or Geos, which makes effective traffic management vital to the success of any campaign. The optimization is less based on targeting, but more related to the right traffic source, as there are millions of in-app inventories out there and a responsible and versatile optimizer will try to find the most suitable traffic within a short period of time for the better ROAS. Q4: Can CPI campaigns achieve both cost and quality at the same time? Seems too good to be true. How do you optimize? A4: Septeni Global has its in-house CPI Management service called Perry, which has been integrated with over 20 global networks. In our team, we aim to deliver on higher user quality versus other self-run or media optimized CPI networks. Our campaign managers will evaluate and optimize the campaign performance through data analysis and direct media communication to ensure the success of the campaign. To avoid fraudulent installs, after a user clicks on the ad and installs the app, the data will be passed to Perry’s system first. Our system scans traffic to filter out undesirable traffic in advance, before that traffic can proceed to advertiser servers or the app store. Then based on the SDK data, our operation team will further analyze the data and optimize based on Site IDs at a very granular level. To share some case studies. For a well known mobile gaming app that has been released for almost 2 years, the target D30 ROAS was 15%, but we were able to achieve 21% in April 2022. For a strategy MOBA game, the D1 retention reached 179% of the client’s KPI and D30 ROAS hit 115%. Through deep understanding of the traffic and diligent optimization, we were able to continuously drive results for direct response campaigns. At the same time, we also monitor the traffic source and optimize the platform to safeguard both campaign results and user quality. Q5: So for Perry, you are optimizing the CPI network, similar to CPC media? How does it work? A5: Yes, indeed! Most of the CPI networks will deliver installs with simple volume targets and a fixed cost. That’s the end of it. We are different in that we commit to the further post-install KPI events, achieving both CPI and other key metrics goals at the same time. Just like other CPC media that we run in-house, we have CPI ad network consultants monitoring and optimizing the campaign toward the KPI on a daily basis as well. Most traditional CPI ad networks are built based on the assumption that the overall quality of the CPI is of good quality and they optimize by eliminating low quality media through blacklisting and other methods. However, Perry thinks otherwise. Instead of spending time blocking the bad ones, we devote our resources in finding the most effective traffic to acquire high quality users. Thanks to our extensive expertise in advertising operations and our network of media, Septeni Global’s Perry team is able to flexibly set optimal KPIs for each client and perform quality management with our unique know-how for higher client satisfaction. If you are interested in learning more about Perry, please feel free to reach out to us at . RALPH SENIOR MANAGER Joined Septeni (Now Septeni Global) in 2013. Previously in Brand Advertising, Ralph made the shift to digital in Septeni and has previous experience with social media tools, campaign management and programmatic advertising. As Senior Manager of the Product Division at Septeni Global, Ralph has been leading the business, and the technology sectors of the Perry product with a focus on leveraging the deep experience of Septeni in Direct Response advertising and working with both advertisers, media and technology partners to drive superior performance for the advertisers of Septeni Global. His area of focus is the platform and industry technology that powers digital and programmatic advertising. ABOUT SEPTENI GLOBAL Septeni Global is a global organization that specializes in digital marketing. With end-to-end services, we are committed to providing solutions from strategic planning to creative production that centers on brand awareness and user growth in the digital domain.



PINPOINT YOUR MESSAGE TO CONNECT WITH THE JAPANESE AUDIENCE IN A MEANINGFUL WAY. Japan's technologically advanced population has the highest annual app install rates world-wide and consistently impressive usage rates . As one of the most important mobile app markets, overseas app publishers often deem Japan a significant opportunity to explore. However, with its unique culture and language, it has been a real challenge to successfully penetrate the Japanese market. Literal translations don't work in Japan and can be misleading. Understanding the culture is key to truly making a connection that catches the attention and meets the needs of Japanese users. In this article, we share some insights on how to come up with the localized creatives, from ideation to production. Some of the UA creatives often seen in Japan are those with multiple characters lining up, a split view of actual gameplay, imitation style, profile style, live-action materials, and many more. There are many different ways to communicate with the users but which one should you choose for your brand? Septeni Global Experts shares best practices and processes from their own practical localization experiences of executing UA ad campaigns for multiple brands successfully in Japan. Let’s take a look at what kind of creatives actually work for Japanese users! Septeni’s ways of thinking for creatives First of all, creativity needs to be cultivated every day and Septen’s approach is to gather creative ideas on a daily basis to create powerful ideas that improve ads’ performances. There are two key methods to get inspired by ideas. First, we promote a culture of creativity in the organization by building a community where each member exchanges ideas. Art directors will share interesting UA and branding ads they are inspired by. Brainstorming, regular reviews and discussions help us keep abreast of current ad trends and utilize this knowledge for future creatives for campaigns. The other one is using idea-sharing sites. One of the most popular sites in Japan is Pinterest. You can curate ideas by searching by keywords or you can also curate similar designs. After ideation, we explain how to apply these ideas into making the UA creatives. First, please choose the type of presentation methods base on the KPIs. Do you want to acquire new users or re-engage with inactive users? Next, adjust the creatives based on the characteristics of the media platforms. Lastly, what kind of users you target makes a great impact on the scheme of creatives as well. 1. CAMPAIGN PURPOSE Creating creatives based on a variety of KPIs The kind of creatives created varies based on the purpose of each campaign, but you can refer to some specific cases below. Branding (Awareness): Attempting to complement mass-reach and interlinked with TV commercials. Install: Messaging to encourage to install Retention: Appealing new features and events to existing users Brand awareness ads: In order to increase awareness, ads need to be exposed to many users. Picture your targets’ thought process (“Want to click it” -> “Want to read it to the end” -> “Want to share it”) when you create creatives for this kind of ads. Brand awareness ads: Make new users understand and feel attracted by the appeal points of your game (Worldview, characters and how to play) in order to have them download the game. The targets’ thought process would be similar to “Attention-grabbing” -> “Interesting” -> “Want to download”. Retention ads: This type of ads target inactive users who once downloaded the game but are not currently playing it. Using terminology which only people who have played the game would understand is essential to create the “insider privilege” and grab their attention. Further, emphasize on the new features and ongoing time limited events to encourage them to re-download the game. 2. CAMPAIGN MEDIA Are you producing the creatives with the correct understanding about media’s characteristics? You might need to re-create your creatives in some cases based on the characteristics of some media. There are appropriate and inappropriate creatives for each media. For example, Twitter and TikTok are both social media but the characteristics of their platforms are totally different. Twitter focuses on how to grab users’ attention in the first 2~3 seconds of the video. On the other hand, for TikTok, it is important that music and video are synced well. You need to think through how to maximize the effect of visuals of the video for the first 2 to 3 seconds for TikTok creatives. The most appealing features of the game should be prioritized in the beginning because it is important to think about what kind of beginnings the viewers want to keep watching. For example, we often see roulette-style video ads on Twitter. They present multiple characters, quickly switching between them in a short period of time which is eye-catching and gets users’ attention. Also, question-style copy in static image ads get more attention from the viewers, which is often deployed to encourage the viewer to keep watching or clicking the ad. 3. TARGET AUDIENCE Are your creatives talking to the needs of your target audience? Ultimately, you need to connect with your audience. Taking a Sangokushi-style game as an example, the chart below showcases the differences in creatives based on the target audience. It is better to highlight military commanders and character relationship charts for users who are interested in the storyline of Sangokushi. This type of user knows the story and characters' relationship inside out, so you can appeal to them emotionally by showing creatives with names of military commanders or main characters. For strategy gamers who are also interested in the storyline of Sangokushi, highlight the strategic gameplay mechanism instead. For example, even with a conventional strategic interface, you can attract users and get their attention. This type of users simply want to win and might also be committed to climbing up the career ladders to improve status at workplace, so you need to clearly present their needs such as “PVP” and “strategic” when you produce creatives for them. Your creatives can be effective only when you they clearly understand the audience and complex needs of the Japanese audience. Reach out to us at if you would like to know more information or actual cases of the Japan market! KASHIN CREATIVE DIRECTOR Joined Septeni (currently Septeni Global) mid-career in 2019. In her previous job, she worked as a creative designer for social media ads and also operated Chinese social media accounts. After joining Septeni Global, she took charge of creative production and delivery management for both gaming and non-gaming clients, with a focus on major Chinese clients.。 ABOUT SEPTENI GLOBAL Septeni Global is a global organization that specializes in digital marketing. With end-to-end services, we are committed to providing solutions from strategic planning to creative production that centers on brand awareness and user growth in the digital domain.



TikTok has reached 1 billion monthly active users and is ranked No. 1 in downloads worldwide in the first quarter of 2022 , becoming one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. Also, more than half of TikTok users watch gaming-related videos every day. Needless to say, TikTok has become one of the most important platforms for gaming companies looking to acquire new users. However, many gaming companies have found it challenging to leverage TikTok as an ad platform. TikTok’s unique content format makes regular creatives that are efficient in other media not perform well on its platform, and companies often find it hard to effectively localize their ads for the Japanese market. In this article, we will provide tips for creating successful Tiktok ads for user acquisition in Japan. Tip 1: Selecting the right music The immersive format of Tiktok, which features short full-screen videos with audio on, makes it important to select the right music for your ad. According to TikTok's latest report, regardless of the generation, the percentage of users who turn audio on on TikTok is overwhelmingly higher than the average of the other three major platforms. Watching with full attention Audio on Full screen Watching while doing other things Housewives 231% 176% 33% Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980) 199% 187% 51% Millennials (born between 1981 and 1995) 152% 156% 62% Generation Z (born after 1996) 139% 109% 46% By adding music that expresses the worldview of the game and impactful sound sources that attract people to the creatives, viewers will be able to easily imagine the game’s universe. However, cultural and generational differences in musical taste in Japan mean that gaming companies need to choose music that caters to the local culture. Music over 120 BPM is generally recommended for any genres and generations. Tip 2: Add Japanese narration Additionally, adding Japanese narration in addition to music can make your creative more effective, as many TikTok users in Japan watch videos with audio on. It is also important to create multiple versions of narrations and verify their effectiveness. ※Septeni Global has more than 100 narrators in the network. Tip 3: Use appropriate Japanese language and select texts that resonate with Japanese users, incorporating slang if necessary. Translating content into Japanese is not enough to engage Japanese users. It is crucial to create content that resonates with them on an emotional level. Depending on the age of the target audience, using slang may be necessary to establish a sense of relatability and connect with them effectively. Example: Internet slang Meaning Descriptions www Laugh, funny Short for warau (to laugh in Japanese) 垢 (Aka) Account 垢 means grime, but borrowed for its sound only. Pronounced aka and it is the same pronounciation as the beginning of the word “account” (akaunto). 無理ゲー (Murigee) Almost impossible to achieve Murigee is an abbreviation of “Muri na Game (the video game that is too hard to clear)”. In turn, it is used as a metaphor when we feel “something is too hard to do.” Tip 4: Hook viewers in the first 3 seconds to keep their attention On TikTok, viewers can easily skip ads, so it's crucial to grab their attention with a catchy phrase within the first three seconds of your video. Use engaging text and video content that will make them want to watch the rest of your ad. For example, the videos above use different texts to hook viewers: 1) "It is worth 2800 Japanese yen now", 2) "Stop at just the right timing", and 3) "The game streamer is the blue mushroom". Although they all convey the same message, their contents are different. To maximize your creative’s potential and test effectiveness, we recommend creating at least three different patterns for each script. Tip 5: Create a video that resembles user-generated content. ※especially for gaming companies To make your video ad more relatable to users, it's recommended to simplify its structure and make it look like a piece of user-generated content (UGC). This approach can potentially increase the number of impressions and conversions. Here are some tips for the structure of the video: Use a simple horizontal layout with black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. Display game player's comments in a plain white font to make it look like UGC. Make the video more locally relevant by using spoken language, including slang, by Japanese narrators. Tip 6: Utilize Casting to Enhance Appeal By utilizing Japanese actors/actresses to convey the appeal of your products or content in a way that resonates with Japanese culture, you can create a sense of personal relevance for the viewer. Septeni Global has a proven track record of producing user-generated content-style casting videos that are optimized for TikTok. We can provide a wide range of casting options to suit your specific needs and goals. After outlining the characteristics of TikTok ads in Japan, let us present an example of UA creatives and their validation results. Which of the two creatives do you think is more effective? Video Creative A     Video Creative B  The answer is A, with a 0.01% higher CTR and about 1.2% higher CVR than B. The reasons for A's higher effectiveness are A catchy copy and casting lines added at the beginning A longer video that covers more of the game features and appeals The action element appealing to flying in the sky, which seemed to resonate with the TikTok user base. These are the tips for creating effective TikTok ads. Thank you for reading. In addition to creative production, we also excel in ad optimization and recently won the Platinum Award in General Category, the highest rank at the TikTok For Business Japan Agency Award 2023. If you encounter challenges with Japanese localization, please feel free to contact us at today! We will support your localization needs for the Japanese market as your one-stop destination. KOJI TAKI CREATIVE DIRECTOR Septeni Global has welcomed Koji as a creative director, responsible for producing innovative and effective creatives with his knowledge of both domestic and overseas markets. Prior to joining Septeni Global, Koji served as a producer at a company that assisted major Japanese companies with their overseas public relations. He also worked for five years at a company that facilitated Japanese localization for a major US tech firm and developed its own AI technology. With his diverse background and expertise, Koji is an excellent addition to the creative team at Septeni Global. ABOUT SEPTENI GLOBAL Septeni Global is a global organization that specializes in digital marketing. With end-to-end services, we are committed to providing solutions from strategic planning to creative production that centers on brand awareness and user growth in the digital domain.



Septeni Global美术团队为您带来视频制作小贴士 TikTok现今 全球月间活跃用户数高达10亿人 , 全球下载数荣登2022年Q1的首位 ,可以说已经成为多数人日常生活的一部份。而且, TikTok用户半数 以上每天都在视听游戏相关视频。虽然,其平台本身已经逐渐受到游戏发行商的重视,但是因为内容形式独具特色,很多时候无法高效沿用其他平台上的素材,也很难进行有效的本地化。而本篇文章则将为您答疑解难,详细讲解如何制作TikTok广告用的视频素材。 Tip 1: 选择合适的音乐 TitTok是一个全屏播放、有声、短视频的沉浸式平台。TikTok官方最新的情报显示,与其他3大平台的平均数值相比,不论用户是哪个年龄层,开启声音的比率都有压倒性的优势。 专注视听用户 开启声音 全屏观看 边做其他事边视听 主妇 231% 176% 33% X世代 (1965 ~ 1980年生) 199% 187% 51% Y世代 (1981 ~ 1995年生) 152% 156% 62% Z世代 (1996年后生) 139% 109% 46% 素材中,如果能使用吸引用户注意力的,或者有特色的并能表现游戏世界观的乐曲,就可以让用户更沉浸式的融入游戏,加深对游戏世界观的理解。另外,各个年龄层的用户喜欢的音乐类型与风格不同,因此也需要选择目标用户都能喜爱的音乐。数据表明,Tiktok的用户们都偏好120BPM(歌曲节奏速度的单位)以上的音乐。 Tip 2: 录制日语旁白 因为开启声音视听的比例很高,配上音乐并加入日语旁白会进一步提高素材的投放效果。而且,录制不同的旁白进行效果验证也很重要。 ※Septeni Global可以与100位以上的配音员合作,选择贴合广告投放目标用户的声音录制旁白。 Tip 3: 交叉使用正式的日语与俚語,写成能打动人心的旁白文案 文案,不仅仅是简单的翻译,还需把素材制作得能打动日本用户的心。因此也需根据目标用户的年龄来使用不同的俚語,给予他们亲切感并确实地吸引住用户。 例: 俚語、网路用语 意思 说明 www 笑、有趣 笑读作Warai,因此取首写字母W=笑 垢 (Aka) 社群账号 垢的字面意义是污垢,但读音Aka与账户的aka相同,因此被惯用为账户的缩写。 無理ゲー (Murigee) 很难通关/达成 很困难的电脑游戏,也引申用来比喻不可行或非常难以实现的事情。 Tip 4: 前3秒抓住用户的眼球  由于TikTok广告很容易被跳过,因此在视频的前三秒使用能引起注意力的slogan,让人能继续看下去就非常重要。 以上视频的文案分别为①“现可获得价值2800日元的福利”,②“停在刚刚好的地方吧”,③“主人是蓝色蘑菇”,尽管宣传目标相同,但视频内容不同。我们建议,每个脚本至少制作3种不同的开头,充实素材并更容易进行效果验证。 Tip 5: 参考一般用户发布的游戏视频(UGC)。※针对游戏类广告主 通过简化视频结构来消除广告色彩,可使用户感到亲近,提高曝光度,从而增加转化率。 视频制作要点 ・简单的横向视频,上下镶上黑色视频框。 ・使用简单的白色字体显示游戏玩家的评论,以消除广告感。 ・想要强调的信息可以通过改变颜色或文字一部分放大等方式加强设计。 ・通过日本人配音员的口语(俚语)来增强本地化。 Tip 6: UGC风格真人视频 通过起用日本演员,以日本特有的方式来传达产品或内容的魅力和乐趣,让目标受众更能感同身受。在TikTok的UGC风格真人视频制作上,Septeni Global有丰富经验,可以依据目的为您介绍各种不同类型的演员。 前面已经讲解了一些Tips,现在为您介绍一下经过实际UA投放验证的实际案例。 以下两个视频中,您认为哪一个视频的效果更好? 【A】         【B】    验证效果更好的是・・・・ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ A视频!相比B,A的点击率(CTR)高了0.01%,转化率(CVR)约高了1.2%。 效果更好的原因: -开头加入了醒目的slogan和演员的台词。 -视频较长的篇幅,更详细的宣传了游戏中的各种玩法。 -空中飞行的动作元素对TikTok用户群体的效果非常好。 以上是有关制作高效的TikTok广告的小贴士,感谢您的阅读。 敝司有具备专业国际化人才,包括英语和中文等母语人员提供服务。在聆听贵司的需求后,将与美术团队一同企划和制作广告方案,达到并超过您的投放需求。 在TikTok运营方面,我们在手游行业也拥有丰富的经验和能力,并在今年的TikTok For Business JapanAgency Award 2023上荣获最高奖项“综合部门白金奖”。如果贵司有任何关于日本本地化的问题,欢迎随时联系 !我们将为您提供出海日本市场的本地化的一站式服务。 KOJI TAKI 创意总监 在美国科技巨头旗下一家协助日本本地化和开发独家AI技术的企业工作了5年后,转入日本大型企业担任海外宣传的制作人。之后加入Septeni Global成为创意总监,擅长运用国内外的丰富经验和知识参与素材制作。 关于SEPTENI GLOBAL Septeni Global是专注于数字营销的全球企业,我们提供从战略规划、创意制作到数字领域的品牌认知和用户增长的一站式服务,为客户提供真正解决问题的优质服务。


UA 크리에이티브의 일본 현지화, 너무 어렵지 않나요? SEPTENI GLOBAL이 일본 유저들에게 주목 받을 수 있는 크리에이티브 제작 기법을 알려드립니다!

해외로 진출할 때 중요한 것은 현지화를 의식한 크리에이티브 입니다. 일본 시장에 진출 했을 때, 일본 유저의 눈을 사로잡는 크리에이티브를 만들어 내는 것은 매우 중요한 전략입니다. 우리가 일본에서 흔히 볼 수 있는 UA크리에이티브에는 여러 캐릭터 나열, 게임 내 실제 화면 분할, 모방 스타일, 프로필 스타일, 실사 소재 등의 다양한 표현 방법이 있습니다. 이런 많은 표현들 중에서 자신들의 프로젝트에 적합한 것들을 어떻게 선택해야 할까요? 이 기사에서는 일본에서 UA 전달 시 표현 방법을 선택하는 방법을 안내해 드리겠습니다. 어떤 크리에이티브가 일본 플레이어에게 핀포인트로 작용할 수 있을지 살펴 봅시다! 첫째, 가장 기본이 되는 것은 크리에이티브적 센스 입니다. 전달 효과를 높이기 위해 셉테니는 일상적인 크리에이티브적 센스를 계속해서 축적하기 위해 노력해 왔습니다. 축적 방법은 두 가지가 있습니다. 하나는 사내에 아이디어 공유 커뮤니티를 만드는 것입니다. SEPTENI GLOBAL의 아트 디렉터들은 UA 타입의 광고나 브랜드 광고 등 서로 다른 플랫폼에서 본 재미있는 광고를 서로 공유하고 있습니다. 단순히 업로드만 하는 것이 아니라 크리에이티브 멤버들끼리도 광고를 리뷰하고 그 광고가 왜 재미있는지, 타깃 특성을 분석하거나 크리에이티브 포인트는 어디에 있는지를 다 같이 논의합니다. 머리를 맞대어 크리에이티브 멤버들 간의 광고 크리에이티브에 대한 감을 높히는 동시에 현재의 광고 트렌드를 계속해서 학습합니다. 또 하나는 아이디어 수집 사이트를 사용하는 것입니다. 일본에서 자주 사용되는 사이트는 [Pinterest]입니다. 키워드를 검색해서 모으거나 비슷한 디자인을 모아가다 보면 자신만의 거대한 아이디어 창고가 만들어지게 됩니다. 일본적인 아이디어를 수집했다면, 그 다음으로 실제 UA 크리에이티브 제작에 어떻게 활용할지를 알려드리겠습니다. 우선 크리에이티브 소재의 표현 방법을 결정하는데 대전제가 되는 것은 이 캠페인이 어떤 목적을 가지고 있는가 입니다. 그 KPI가 무엇인지, 신규 사용자 획득인지, 아니면 사용자를 복귀시키고 싶은 것인지. 다음으로 이 프로젝트를 어느 플랫폼에 사용할지에 따라 소재를 조정해야 합니다. 마지막으로 어떤 사용자층을 타깃하느냐가 크리에이티브 구상에도 큰 영향을 미칩니다. ①캠페인 목적 다양한 지표를 바탕으로 크리에이티브를 작성 어떤 크리에이티브 소재를 만들지는 캠페인 목적에 따라 다르지만 구체적인 사례는 다음 그림을 참고하시기 바랍니다. 브랜딩(인지): TVCM의 내용과 연동하여 Mass reach의 보완을 도모 신규 설치: 인스톨을 촉진하는 메시지 리텐션 : 기존 사용자에게 새로운 기능과 이벤트를 어필 브랜드 인지형 광고: 인지를 확대하기 위해서는 그 광고를 많은 사람들이 보고 접촉할 필요가 있습니다. 소재를 만들 때 고려해야 할 타깃 사고 패턴은 'Click 하고 싶다→끝까지 읽고 싶다→공유하고 싶다'가 됩니다. 예를 들어 어떤 게임이 런칭했을 때 오프라인 광고와 TV 광고를 동시에 노출 할 수 있습니다. 이 시점에서 우리는 크리에이티브 디자인에 몇 가지 요소를 삽입할 수 있습니다. TV 광고를 본 것으로 게임 제목은 머리에 들어 있지만 게임 콘텐츠를 이해하지 못하는 사용자를 상상해 볼 수 있습니다. 이러한 사용자에게 휴대폰 광고 크리에이티브를 통해 게임의 전체적인 이미지를 보다 잘 이해할 수 있는 광고를 보여줌으로써 다운로드로 이어지기 쉽습니다. 신규 설치 광고(UA 광고): 신규 유저에게 게임을 다운로드 하게 하기 위해서는 유저가 소구 포인트(세계관, 캐릭터, 놀이방법 등)를 충분히 이해하고 매력을 느낄 필요가 있습니다. 액션을 유도할 때 고려해야할 사고 패턴은, 「눈길을 끌다→흥미가 생긴다→다운로드하고 싶다」가 됩니다. 리텐션 광고: 한번 게임을 다운로드했지만 현재는 플레이하지 않는 휴면 유저용 광고를 가리킵니다. 크리에이티브를 만들려면 해당 게임을 플레이해 본 사람만 아는 전문 용어를 사용해 게임의 레벨업과 혜택 등을 소구해 2차 다운로드로 유도합니다. ②캠페인 매체 매체의 특징을 올바르게 이해하고 소재를 만들고 있는가 매체의 특징에 따라 크리에이티브 소재를 재설계해야 합니다. 각 매체의 특징에 따라 적합한 크리에이티브 소재와 그렇지 않은 크리에이티브 소재가 정해져 있습니다.예를 들어 트위터와 틱톡은 같은 SNS일지라도 플랫폼의 특징이 전혀 다릅니다. Twitter는 소재의 첫머리 2초에 어떻게 유저의 눈길을 끌지가 매우 중요하지만, TikTok은 음악과 video의 씬을 어떻게 연결시킬지가 가장 중요한 포인트 입니다. 트위터에서 사용하는 크리에이티브의 경우, 동영상 인트로인 첫 2~3초 시점에 비주얼을 극대화하기 위한 고민이 필요합니다. 어떤 시작을 해야 보는 사람이 계속 보고 싶어지는지가 중요하기 때문에 게임 중 가장 매력적인 부분을 첫머리에 제작합니다. 예를 들어 twitter에서 흔히 볼 수 있는 룰렛풍의 동영상 광고의 경우, 짧은 시간에 여러 캐릭터가 플래시 백으로 전환된다는 것은 플레이어의 눈길을 끄는 표현으로 광고가 눈에 띄는 사소한 계기가 될 수 있습니다. 또한 배너 광고 중 질문 형태의 카피를 사용하면 더욱 플레이어의 주의를 끌 수 있으며 사용자가 광고를 보고 계속 시청하거나 클릭하도록 유도할 수 있습니다. ③타깃층 타겟층별 플레이어의 니즈를 올바르게 이해하고 소재를 만들고 있는가 최종적으로는 누구에게 보여주기 위한 소재인가 라는 것을 명확하게 밝혀야 합니다. 예를 들어 아래와 같이 삼국지 타입의 게임을 보면 플레이어층에 따라 만들어진 크리에이티브의 차이를 잘 알 수 있습니다. 삼국지 콘텐츠를 좋아하는 이용자에게는 크리에이티브적으로 무장·인물 관계의 배경 등을 강조하는 것이 좋습니다. 이러한 플레이어들은 대부분 삼국지의 이야기와 인물의 관계를 잘 알고 있기 때문에 무장의 이름과 주요 인물을 이용한 크리에이티브를 널리 제시함으로써 플레이어의 마음을 잘 사로잡을 수 있습니다. 삼국지 콘텐츠에 관심이 있는 전략 게이머에게는 전략적인 플레이법을 강조하는 것이 좋습니다. 예를 들어 기존의 전략 인터페이스와 같은 방식으로도 상대방의 관심을 끌고 게임 내용에 흥미를 가질 수 있습니다. 또한 이 유형의 플레이어는 직장에서의 승패에 집착하여 승리와 지위를 요구하고 있을지도 모릅니다.크리에이티브 제작에서는 「pvp」나 「전략형」이라고 하는 플레이어의 요구를 정확하게 표현할 필요가 있습니다. 일본 시장의 요구를 올바르게 이해해야 보다 효과적인 투자가 가능합니다. 일본 시장의 지식이나 실제 사례를 더 알고 싶다면 로 연락주세요! KASHIN CREATIVE DIRECTOR 2019년 셉테니(현 셉테니 글로벌) 경력직 입사. 전 직장에서는 소셜 미디어 광고의 디자이너, 중화계 SNS 계정의 운용 대행을 경험.Septeni Global 입사 후에는 디자이너의 업무 지식과 언어 능력을 살리면서 크리에이티브 디렉터로서 게임·비게임 영역의 클라이언트를 중심으로 크리에이티브의 제작과 진행/납품 관리까지 담당. 특히 중화권 클라이언트와의 디렉팅에서는 실력 발휘중 SEPTENI GLOBAL에 대하여 Septeni Global은 디지털 마케팅에 특화된 글로벌 기업입니다.전략 입안, 크리에이티브 제작을 시작으로 디지털 영역을 중심으로, 브랜드 인지로부터 유저 획득까지, 단번에 클라이언트의 과제 해결을 실현하는 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다.


クリエイティブのローカライズのコツは?Septeni Globalのデザイナーが解説します!

海外進出する際に大切なのは、ローカライズを意識したクリエイティブ。日本市場に進出した際、日本のユーザーの目をひき、ユーザーのニーズを突くクリエイティブをどう作るかは、とても重要な要素です。 私たちが日本でよく目にするUAクリエイティブには、複数のキャラクターを並べたもの、ゲーム内の実際の画面を分割して見せたもの、模倣スタイル、プロフィールスタイル、実写素材などの様々な表現手法があります。このような多くの表現の中から自分たちのプロジェクトに適したものをどうやって選べばいいのでしょうか?この記事では、日本でUA配信する際に、表現手法を選ぶ考え方をお伝えします。どんなクリエイティブがより日本のプレイヤーにピンポイントで届くのか、見てみましょう! セプテーニのクリエイティブの考え方 まずはじめに、何も無いところからクリエイティブアイディアは生まれません。セプテーニは獲得広告における多数の配信実績を元に、ファインディングスをしっかりと累積してきました。 蓄積方法は主に2つあります。 1つは、社内にアイデア共有コミュニティをつくること。SEPTENI GLOBALのアートディレクターたちは、UAの広告やブランド広告など、異なるプラットフォームで見た面白い広告をお互いに共有し合っています。単にアップロードするだけでなく、クリエイティブメンバー同士でも広告をレビューして、その広告がなぜ面白いのか、ターゲットユーザーをどこに設定しているのか、どこに工夫しているポイントがあるのかをみんなで議論します。デザイナーの様々な意見を集めて、クリエイティブメンバー間の広告クリエイティブに対する感度を高めると同時に、現在の広告トレンドを学習し参考にします。 もう1つは、アイデアを収集するためのサイトを使うこと。日本でよく使われるサイトは【Pinterest】です。キーワードを検索して集めてもよし、似たようなデザインに関連して集めてもよし、積み重ねていくうちに自分だけの巨大なアイデアの宝庫ができあがっていきます。 日本的なアイデアを収集したら、次は実際のUAクリエイティブ制作にどう活かすかをお伝えします。 まず、クリエイティブ素材の表現手法を決めるうえで大前提となるのが、このキャンペーンがどのような目的で実行されているかということです。そのKPIが何なのか、新規ユーザーを獲得したいのか、それともユーザーを復帰させたいのか。次に、このプロジェクトをどのプラットフォームに使うかは、プラットフォームの特性に応じて素材を調整する必要があります。最後に、どのユーザー層をターゲットにするかが、クリエイティブの構想にも大きな影響を与えます。 ①キャンペーンの目的 さまざまな指標をもとにクリエイティブをつくる どのようなクリエイティブ素材を作るかは、キャンペーンの目的によって異なりますが、具体的な事例は次の図を参照してください。. ブランディング(認知) :TVCMの内容と連動しマスリーチの補完を図っている。 新規インストール: インストールを促進するようなメッセージ。 リテンション: 既存ユーザーへ新機能やイベントを訴求している。 ブランド認知型広告: 認知を拡大するためには、その広告を多くの人に見てもらい、触れてもらう必要があります。ネタを作るときのターゲットの思考パターンは、「Clickしたい→最後まで読みたい→共有したい」になります。 たとえば、あるゲームがローンチしたとき、オフライン広告とテレビ広告を同時に出すことがあります。この時点で、私たちのクリエイティブデザインは、いくつかの要素を組み込むことができます。テレビ広告を見たことでゲームのタイトルは頭に入っているけれど、ゲームのコンテンツを理解していないユーザーを想像してください。このようなユーザーは、スマートフォンの広告クリエイティブを通し、ゲームの全体像をより良く理解できる広告を見せることで、ダウンロードに繋がりやすいです。 新規インストール広告(UA広告): 新規ユーザーにゲームをダウンロードしてもらうには、ユーザーに訴求ポイント(世界観、キャラクター、あそび方など)を十分理解して魅力を感じてもらう必要があります。ネタを作るときの思考パターンは、「目を引く→興味を引く→ダウンロードしたい」となります。 リテンション広告: 一度ゲームをダウンロードしたけれど、現在はプレイしていない休眠ユーザー向けの広告を指します。クリエイティブを作るには、そのゲームをプレイしたことがある人にしか分からない専門用語を使い、ゲームのレベルアップや特典などを訴求して二次ダウンロードへ誘導します。 ②メディア特性の理解 媒体の特徴を正しく理解して素材を作っているか 媒体の特徴によっては、その媒体のためのクリエイティブ素材を再設計する必要があります。それぞれの媒体の特徴によって、適したクリエイティブ素材とそうでないクリエイティブ素材が決まってきます。たとえばTwitterとTikTokは、同じSNSであっても、プラットフォームの特徴がまったく異なります。Twitterは素材の冒頭2秒でいかにユーザーの目を引くかを重視していますが、TikTokは音楽とvideoのシーンをいかに連携させるかにこだわっています。 Twitterで使うクリエイティブは、動画の冒頭2 ~ 3秒までのビジュアルを最大化するために工夫する必要があります。どういう出だしにすれば見ている人が見続けたくなるかが重要なので、ゲームの中で一番魅力的な部分を出だしに優先して出していきます。たとえば、Twitterでよく見かけるルーレット風の動画広告ですが、短時間で複数のキャラクターがフラッシュバックして切り替わるというのは、プレイヤーの目を引く表現で、広告が目に止まるちょっとしたきっかけになります。 また静止画の広告の中で質問文形式のコピーを使用すると、よりプレーヤーの注意を引くことができ、ユーザーが広告を見て、さらに視聴し続ける、あるいはクリックするように誘導できます。 ③ターゲット層 ターゲットのニーズを正しく理解して素材を作っているか 最終的には、「誰に見せるための素材なのか」を明確にする必要があります。 たとえば下記のように三国志タイプのゲームを例にとってみると、ターゲット層によって作られているクリエイティブの違いがよくわかります。 三国志のコンテンツが好きなユーザーに対しては、クリエイティブの中で武将・人物関係の背景などを強調すると良いでしょう。このようなプレーヤーの多くは三国志の物語と人物の関係を知り尽くしているので、武将の名前や主要人物を用いたクリエイティブを広く提示することで、うまくプレーヤーの心を掴むことができます。 三国志のコンテンツに興味のあるストラテジーゲーマーには、戦略的な遊び方を強調するとよいでしょう。たとえば、従来のストラテジーインターフェースのようなやり方でも、相手を惹きつけ、ゲーム内容に興味を持ってもらうことができます。また、このタイプのプレイヤーは、職場での勝ち負けにこだわり、勝利や地位を求めているかもしれません。クリエイティブ制作では「pvp」や「戦略型」といったプレイヤーのニーズを的確に表現する必要があります。 日本市場のニーズを正しく理解してこそ、より効果的な投入が可能になります。 日本市場の豆知識や実際の事例をもっと知りたい場合は、 までご連絡ください! KASHIN CREATIVE DIRECTOR 2019年にセプテーニ(現 セプテーニグローバル)に中途入社。前職ではソーシャルメディア広告のデザイナーや、中華系SNSアカウントの運用代行を経験。Septeni Global入社後はデザイナーの業務知識と言語能力を生かしながらクリエイティブディレクターとしてゲーム・非ゲーム領域のクライアントを中心にクリエイティブの制作と進行/納品管理まで担当。特に中華圏クライアントとのディレクションにおいては力を発揮している。 SEPTENI GLOBALについて Septeni Globalはデジタルマーケティングに特化した、グローバル企業です。戦略立案、クリエイティブ制作をはじめ、デジタル領域を中心にブランド認知からユーザーグロースまで、一気通貫でクライアントの課題解決を実現するサービスを提供しています。



テレビや交通広告における認知施策であればイメージが湧く人もいるとは思いますが、「デジタル広告の認知施策とは何か」と問いかけられて、どのように効果測定、指標設計を行うのか、あまりイメージが湧いていない人もいるではないのでしょうか。今回は、デジタル認知施策の需要拡大の背景、指標の設計方法について紹介します。 ■なぜデジタル広告における認知施策の重要性が高まっているのでしょうか? デジタル広告の認知施策の需要が増えている背景として、下記2点があると考えています。 ①iOS14などプライバシー制限による獲得広告の計測障壁 皆さん既にご存じの通り、2020年9月17日よりiOS14がiPhone向けにリリースされたことにより、CVなどを計測していた機能は一部無効化になりました。獲得広告中心で広告配信を行ってきた広告主は、今まで通りの広告配信が難しくなり、視点を変えて、認知中心の広告配信にシフトしたのではないのでしょうか。 ②インフィード・SNS媒体と動画媒体の認知メニューとコネクテッドTVの普及 高年層はリニアTV、若年層はモバイルという印象を抱いている方も多いかと思いますが、ここ数年でSNSや動画媒体は若い世代のみならず、1980年以前に生まれのX世代にも浸透してきて、リーチが広がっています。さらに、リニアTVと比べ、これらの媒体の認知メニューはターゲティングや広告効果のTrackingなども容易にできるので、デジタル認知のキャンペーンで良い効果を収める広告主は多くなってきています。 また、コネクティッドTVという、インターネット回線に接続されたテレビ端末は、2021年にすでに世帯普及率は半分程で、若者の間での利用率も高いです。 【消費者のCTV利用状況】 Source: 1 Source 2: Source:3: また、広告配信において、リニアTVは、番組ごとの年代別の視聴率を用いる一方、コネクティッドTVは年代別のターゲティングだけでなく、広告配信するStreaming Serviceごとによって、ジオグラフィックターゲティング(郵便番号)、興味関心ターゲティング(番組ジャンル)など、リニアTVよりより細かい正確なターゲティングが可能です。 ■デジタル認知施策について デジタル認知施策のメリットは、配信手法が豊富であり、各メディアの特性を活かしたアプローチが可能なこと、しっかり設計を行うことで、効果測定・評価が可能になり、PDCAを回せることが挙げられます。 ■デジタル認知施策の指標設計のポイント デジタル認知施策の指標を設計する上で、重要なポイントは大きく二つ、①評価指標の設計、②媒体、メニュー選定です。 ①評価指標の設計方法 管理画面のレポーティングや計測ツールにて、認知施策における効果の可視化が可能になり、いろんな指標がありますが、評価指標の設計方法として大切なのは、一律されたKPIを決めることです。認知配信において主に使用されるKPIは下記を参考にしてください。 業界、商材ごとにユーザーの行動や売上地点は異なるため、自社が持っている情報を基にどのKPIが適切か判断すべきです。 例えば、 【例1:A社】 比較検討から購買への期間が短く、競合との差別化がしづらい。一番に思い出して欲しい。 →「心理変容」のうちの「第一想起」 【例2:B社】 ユーザーが比較検討から購買までの期間で自分で情報を吟味する、比較検討の段階に自社の商品をのせたい。 →「行動変容」のうちの「サイト来訪」 のようにKPIを決定することをオススメします。 もし仮にデジタル媒体だけではなく、TVなどを含むトラディショナルなメディアや、ユーザーのオフライン行動も含めたい場合は、オンラインとオフラインを統合した計測が必要となります。 Septeni Globalでは、TV視聴ログを保有するSTADIAという電通グループのツールを使用することで、独自のIDを結びつけることにより、TV視聴ログとWEB接触ログの統合分析や、CCC・Ponta等のオフライン購買データとTV視聴ログの紐付けが可能となります。 また、行動変容、広告指標/リーチ、その他の指標については、計測手法により数値が可視化されますが、数値で見えづらい心理変容のKPIに関してもBrand Lift Surveyの結果を用いて、一人当たりの態度変容単価であるCPB(Cost per Brand Lift)を算出することで可視化すべきです。Brand Lift Surveyは、大きく2つ❶実接触ログベース❷調査会社によるアスキングベースにより計測可能です。 ❶実接触ログベース 広告接触ユーザーと広告非接触ユーザーに分けて広告配信し、媒体上でアンケートを実施し、ブランドへの態度変容を調査。 ※Brand Lift Surveyは、Google、Instagram、Twitterなどで実施可能ですが、媒体ごとにより利用できる内容や条件は異なります。 ❷調査会社によるアスキングベース(KANTER、マクロミルなど) 該当クリエイティブをユーザーに閲覧させ、閲覧済みと閲覧したことない人でアンケート結果を分け調査。 ②媒体・メニュー選定 ①が決定したら、②媒体・メニュー選定の段階に入ります。媒体・メニューを選ぶのに大切なのは、❶ターゲット層❷配信目的(KPI)です。 ❶ターゲット層 媒体特有のユーザー属性や、可能なターゲティングの種類等で判断。 ❷配信目的(KPI) 媒体が設定できる目的、配信面、FMTなどのメニューや、導入可能な計測ツールの種類で判断。 具体的にどのように選定するかについて、媒体メニュー別に方法を紹介します。 【インフィード・SNS認知メニューの場合】 目的は、リーチ系のメニューが多く、BrandLift Surveyは基本的に実施可能、ユーザー層が媒体によって異なります。選定方法は、メイン(ターゲット)層や予算感によって判断します。 【動画媒体認知のメニューの場合】 目的はリーチ、エンゲージメント、視聴、比較検討など様々です。 基本的には、KPI(完全視聴、リーチ、理解促進など)と、クリエイティブ(FMT、秒数)で選定を判断します。 以上、デジタル認知施策の設計のノウハウの共有でした。お読みいただきありがとうございます。 本日紹介させていただいたのはほんの一部ですが、今後、デジタル認知施策はより需要が高まっていくと思います。この記事が皆さんの参考になれば幸いです。 デジタル認知施策の具体的な詳細、効果可視化・分析のためのソリューションについてもっと知りたい方は、 までご連絡をお待ちしております。 REI YAMAMOTO MEDIA PLANNING, MANAGER 2018年4月、Septeni入社。セプテーニ入社以来、数多くのUAキャンペーンを担当。メディア最適化の知識を活かし、広告主の目標達成にコミット。 2019年: ルーキー賞を受賞。 2020年: コンサルタント賞を受賞。 2021年: 全社最優秀賞受賞。 2022年: 最年少で管理職に昇進。 SEPTENI GLOBALについて Septeni Globalはデジタルマーケティングに特化した、グローバル企業です。戦略立案、クリエイティブ制作をはじめ、デジタル領域を中心にブランド認知からユーザーグロースまで、一気通貫でクライアントの課題解決を実現するサービスを提供しています。



TikTokは、 Global Monthly Active Usersが10億人 、 世界でのダウンロード数が2022年第一四半期で1位となっており 、その存在は我々の生活からは切り離せないと言えます。また、 TikTokユーザーの半数 以上が、毎日ゲーム関連の動画を視聴しています。ゲーム会社にとって重要なプラットフォームになってきていますが、コンテンツ自体に特色があり、他の媒体で効率が良かったクリエイティブをそのままTikTokで実施しても、うまくいかず、ローカライズに苦戦する事が多いです。この記事では、TikTok広告を実施する上で、クリエイティブ制作を日本にローカライズする際のTipsを紹介します。 ■効果の良いクリエイティブの共通点とは? ①音源の選定方法 Tip 1: 適切な楽曲の選定 TitTokの特徴としては、全画面、音声Onと短尺動画の没入型フォーマットなどが挙げられます。TikTok社の最新レポートからは、世代問わず、他の主要プラットフォーム3社平均と比べ、音声Onの比率が圧倒的に高いことがわかりました。 フルアテンション視聴 音声On 全画面視聴 ながら視聴 主婦 231% 176% 33% X世代 (1965 ~ 1980年生まれ) 199% 187% 51% ミレニアル世代 (1981 ~ 1995年生まれ) 152% 156% 62% Z世代 (1996年以降生まれ) 139% 109% 46% クリエイティブに、人を惹きつけるようなインパクトのある音源やゲームの世界観を表現した楽曲を使うことにより、そのゲームの世界観がよりイメージしやすくなります。また、楽曲の選定のテイストや各世代が好む音楽ジャンルも異なるので、日本の文化に馴染んだものをチョイスする必要があります。ただ、各ジャンルや世代での共通点として、BPM(曲のテンポを表す単位)は120以上の楽曲が良いと言われています。 Tip 2: 日本語のナレーションを入れる 音声Onの比率が高いので、音楽に加え、日本語のナレーションを入れることでよりクリエイティブが効果的になります。ナレーションを複数作って効果検証を実施する事も大切です。 ※ナレーションを作成するにあたり、Septeni Globalなら100名以上のナレーターのアサインが可能です。 ②動画の構成 Tip 1: 正しい日本語や、時にはスラングを交えて日本人の心を打つテキストを選定 日本語に翻訳するだけではなく、日本のユーザーの心を打つようなクリエイティブを制作することが大切です。ターゲットの年齢などによっては、時にはスラングを使用してターゲット層に親近感を与え、的確にアプローチする必要があります。 例: スラング、 インターネット用語 意味 説明 www ​笑い、面白い 笑いはWaraiと呼ぶので、W=笑い。 垢 アカウント 垢は肌の汚れを指すが、発音はAkaなので、アカウントのアカと同じとのことで、アカウントの略語になった。 無理ゲー 達成が非常に難しい 難しすぎるコンピューターゲームのこと。転じて、実現不可能だったり、達成が非常に困難だったりする物事のたとえ。 Tip 2: 最初の3秒でユーザーのアテンションをつかむ TikTokは広告でもすぐにスワイプできてしまうため動画の最初の3秒にユーザーの注意を引くようなキャッチーなフレーズ、その後が見たくなるようなテキストや動画の内容にすることが大切です。 上記のvideoの文章は①「今なら2800円分」、②「ピッタリで止めろ」と③「主は青のキノコです」、訴求は同じですが、videoの内容が違います。1台本につき、最低3パターンぐらい冒頭を作ることで、クリエイティブも充実し、効果検証もしやすくなります。 Tip 3: 一般のユーザーが投稿したゲームの動画(UGC)を意識する ※ゲームの広告主の場合 動画構成を簡素化して広告色を消すことでユーザーは親近感を感じ、インプレッション数を高め、コンバージョンに結びつく場合もあります。 構成ポイント ・シンプルな横長動画に上下黒帯。 ・ゲームのプレイヤーのコメントをシンプルな白文字フォントで表示して広告感を消す。 ・強調したい情報は色を変えたり、フォントを一箇所だけ大きくしたり工夫する。 ・日本人ナレーターによる喋り言葉(スラング)を使用することでよりローカライズされる。 Tip 4: キャスティング キャスティングは、日本人の役者を起用することで日本特有の表現で商品やコンテンツの素晴らしさ、楽しさを伝え、ターゲットにより自分事として捉えてもらう事を可能とします。Septeni GlobalではTikTokにあわせたUGC風のキャスティング動画の制作も実績豊富で、目的に応じた多種多様なキャストのご紹介が可能です。 ■制作物への検証 日本でのTikTok広告の特徴をお伝えしてきましたが、実際のUAでの検証結果の一例を紹介します。この2つのクリエイティブのうち、どちらがより効果の高いクリエイティブだと思いますか? 【A】    【B】  効果が高かったのは・・・・ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Aの素材でした!AはBよりもCTRが0.01%、CVRは約1.2%高かったです。 効果が高い理由: -冒頭にキャッチーなキャッチコピーとキャスティングのセリフを追加。 -動画の尺は長いが、全体的にゲーム内でのできることをまんべんなく訴求できている。 -空を飛べる訴求のアクション要素がTikTokユーザー層に効果が良かった。 以上、効果の良いTikTok広告を制作するためのTipsのご紹介でした。お読みいただきありがとうございます。 弊社には国際色豊かなメンバーが揃っており、英語、中国語、韓国語、日本語でのネイティブ対応が可能です!現在お持ちの課題感を各国のスペシャリストが丁寧にヒヤリングした上で経験豊富なクリエイティブチームがご希望を越える施策を打ち立て製作まで行います。 Tiktokの運用面においても、TikTok For Business JapanAgency Award 2023にて最高位「総合部門 プラチナム」を受賞したなど、ゲーム業界のクリエイティブ制作に関して、圧倒的な経験値を持っています。日本のローカライズに関しての課題をお持ちの際は、まずは にお気軽にご連絡ください!ワンストップでお客様の日本市場へのローカライズのご支援をさせていただきます。 KOJI TAKI CREATIVE DIRECTOR 米国大手テック傘下企業の日本ローカライズ支援、独自AIの開発を行う会社で5年勤めた後、日本大手企業の海外向け広報支援を行う企業でプロデューサーとして従事。その後Septeni Globalにクリエイティブディレクターとして入社。海外、国内双方のクリエイティブの知見を活かしたクリエイティブ制作に携わる。 SEPTENI GLOBALについて Septeni Globalはデジタルマーケティングに特化した、グローバル企業です。戦略立案、クリエイティブ制作をはじめ、デジタル領域を中心にブランド認知からユーザーグロースまで、一気通貫でクライアントの課題解決を実現するサービスを提供しています。

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