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Manga Advertisements that Capture the Japanese Heart

Utilizing manga-style expressions rooted in Japanese culture proves to be highly effective in resonating with Japanese audiences. In recent years, reading manga on smartphones has surged, further enhancing its impact. This article will delve into why manga-style expressions are effective and how to make the most of them for advertising purposes.

【The Importance of Embracing Japanese Culture】

As shown by the results of the survey above, nearly 80% of Japanese people engage with manga in some form, regardless of their reading frequency. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that manga culture has taken root among the Japanese. With manga culture deeply ingrained in the Japanese society, advertisements utilizing manga-style expressions can resonate well with the Japanese audience. By incorporating manga into advertisements, the reach can be expanded to a wider range of users, thus gaining more followers. Furthermore, for Japanese individuals, the inclusion of manga-style expressions can enhance appeal and improve information retention.

【Products that are well-suited for

Manga UA (User Acquisition) creative】

Puzzle x Manga

Casual x Manga

RPG x Manga

Tower defense x Manga


In these game genres, we created 'How to' guides and various ways to play using manga-style expressions, and improvements in effectiveness were observed across all game genres.

Additionally, manga creative is effective in the following genres:

・Beauty-related products

・Trading apps such as FX

・Curated media

【Effectiveness of Manga Expressions in Game Advertising -

Our Company's Example】

Manga-style expressions can convey information that cannot be fully expressed in text ads or regular static image banners. Even complex messages can be conveyed succinctly and clearly by incorporating storytelling through manga expressions. Additionally, the use of manga expressions in video ads tends to result in higher viewership rates. Manga ads can adapt to various KPIs and target audiences by altering the storyline, allowing for a wide range of applications, including not only awareness campaigns but also acquisition-focused ads. In our company, we have created and operated advertisements using manga, resulting in approximately a 2-fold increase in Conversion Rate (CVR) compared to banners that were previously being used.

〈Royal Match Acquisition Advertisement〉

Average CVR for Video Ads: 1.15%

CVR for Manga Ads mentioned above: 2.08%

Furthermore, there have been cases where acquisition efficiency improved in a certain entertainment app and where it continuously contributed to the awareness of customers using payment services.

▼Certain entertainment app

【Utilizing Manga Expressions】

When using manga expressions, it's important to keep in mind the following points.

・Be conscious of panel arrangement in manga and create a layout that is easily understood by users.

Place impactful panels at the beginning for a strong opening.

・Illustrate things that are difficult to express in words or challenging to capture through photography.

Text alone may not convey the difficulty, but adding expressions makes it easier to visualize.

・Organize the information you want to emphasize, and convey it using speech bubbles, composition, and other techniques.

Place the actual screen in the center, and have manga characters provide supplementary information.

・Be mindful of creating a storyline with an engaging continuation, and build the composition.

By adding ups and downs to the story, create content that remains engaging without becoming monotonous.

By paying attention to these points, you can create more effective advertisements using manga-style expressions.

However, when creating manga advertisements in-house:

・Securing illustrators for manga creation → Limited availability of personnel proficient in foreign languages for communication.

・Securing Japanese voice actors for video adaptation → Requires searching for voice actor agencies and dealing with processes like NDA agreements.

・Understanding the schedule and cost range for manga production → Manga production cost range: ¥300,000 to ¥1,000,000. Production timeline: 1 to 2 months, plus localization.

・Creating a proposed structure for manga advertisements

・Localizing for the Japanese audience

・Choosing an illustration style that resonates with Japanese preferences

Apart from the mentioned points, it's a fact that the production of manga advertisements also involves high barriers.

In our company, we have established a partnership with a manga production company of high quality, enabling us to create manga advertisements with a quick turnaround and at a reasonable cost. We offer a workflow that allows for detailed adjustments such as illustration style, and beyond creating manga advertisements, we are capable of providing a wide range of services including turning your company's services into manga, creating mascot characters, and more.


Manga expressions are a culturally ingrained form of communication in Japan, and utilizing them in advertising can help acquire a larger user base. When using manga expressions, it's important to pay attention to key points and create more effective advertisements. Our company boasts a diverse team with members fluent in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, allowing us to provide native support in these languages. With a track record including games, cosmetics, matchmaking, financial products, and more, our experienced staff can offer insights and solutions across a wide range of industries. If you're facing challenges in marketing, please don't hesitate to reach out for a consultation. We're here to provide comprehensive support for your company's marketing needs.



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